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Pet Sitter Dashboard Change Log

November 2020

  • Fix: The Pet Parents Website is now faster than ever. We’ve squashed bugs and tuned performance.
  • New: Choose whether to show the “Optional Extras” section of the customer page on the Pet Parents Website.

October 2020

  • New: Add Holidays to your calendar.

    Holidays let you: 
    1) Block out days when you are closed
    2) Record when a team member is on holiday
    3) Enter a public holiday. 

    To add a holiday: goto your calendar, tap a date and tap ADD A HOLIDAY.

    Pet Sitter Holidays  Pet Sitter Holidays  Pet Sitter Holidays

    A scheduling error will appear if you (or your customer) tries to book an appointment when you are closed. You can decide whether to ignore the error, delete the appointment or assign it to another team member.

    If an appointment falls on a public holiday you will see a public holiday reminder. This will remind you to add an additional charge to the booking.

    Pet Sitter Scheduling Error  Pet Sitter Opening Hours


  • New: Opening Hours. By entering your opening hours you (and your customers) will be shown a warning if you (or they) try to book a service when you are closed. You can decide whether to ignore the error or delete the appointment.

    Pet Sitter Opening Hours


  • New: The Photo Gallery brings together all your Report Card photos into one place. Perfect for sharing on social media.

    Pet Sitter Photo Gallery

September 2020

  • New: Pet Sitter Dashboard for Pet Parents is a special website where your customers can enter their details, review bookings and request service.

    How does it work? To use the Pet Parents website, your customers must first register and confirm their email address. When they register we will try to match their email address to an existing customer. If we can’t find a match we will ask you to activate their account.

    Which services are customers allowed to book? You can decide which services your customers are allowed to book. Head over to the services page to get started.

  • New: Report Cards make it easy to send your customers feedback and photos. Pet Sitters fill in the report card when they complete an appointment. Pet Parents view the report card through the Pet Parent Website.

    Pet Sitter Report CardPet Sitter Report Card

August 2020

  • New: Added a back button to the Expenses, Invoices and Profit & Loss pages.
  • Fix: Typo in the menu on Pets page.
  • Fix: Date picker on Reports page.
  • Fix: Managing appointments is much easier and more flexible.
  • New: “Delete an appointment” added to the calendar menu.

July 2020

  • New: Pricing is now more flexible. 
    We’ve tweaked the booking form to let you override the appointment price and subtotal amount on every booking form.
    Tap the blue Edit icon to get started.

Pet Sitter Dashboard Pricing Engine

  • New: Upload and store Word, Excel and PDF documents. Great for keeping contracts, booking forms etc. Documents can be associated with a customer. Great for storing signed contracts and agreements.

    To find a document tap the search box and start typing. You can search on the document name, customer name and date.

    To view the documents associated with a customer: open the customer, tap the menu and choose Customer Documents.

Pet Sitter Upload Documents

  • Change: We’ve tweaked the appearance of invoices. Invoices now show all the appointments.

Pet Sitter Dashboard Invoice

  • New: Create new bookings directly from the calendar. Just tap a date on the calendar.
  • New: Easily compare invoices month-by-month by clicking the Summary button on the invoice page.

June 2020

  • Change: We’ve folded the old schedule page into the calendar page so that you can see everything in one place. Two new buttons make viewing your calendar easier. The overview button removes the clutter whilst the Appts button shows you all your appointments. You can also switch between Month, Week and Day views to really stay on top of your business. 
Pet Sitter Calendar
  • New: Advertise your business on our sister site: (UK only at launch)
  • New: Scroll back through previous years on the Profit and Loss page
  • New: Correct image orientation by tapping the rotate images button
  • New: Record whether a dog is allowed off lead with the new Allowed off-leash? question on the Pet page
  • Fix: Some long-running bookings did not appear on the calendar

May 2020

  • New: Pet names now appear throughout the app
  • New: paid and confirmed icons
  • New: Pet picker added to booking form page
  • New: Pet Sitter Club members can download 18 free contracts, forms, disclaimers, and other documents
  • Fix: The size of pop up boxes after visiting the reports page
  • Fix: The size of the “send email” pop up on the Invoice page
  • Fix: The pop up menus got a spring clean

April 2020

  • New: Display a warning when there are unsaved changes.
  • Fix: The app and website are now quicker to load and they use less data
  • Fix: iPhone photo upload now asks for permission to access the camera
  • Fix: Printing is more reliable
  • Fix: Invoices layout on tablets is fixed
  • New: A help button has been added to the Calendar Link page
  • New: Tapping the booking summary at the top of the Invoice page now displays the booking summary popup (rather than switching to the booking)
  • Fix: The marketing opt-in on the Welcome page is now turned off by default
  • New: A button has been added to the Customers and Pets page to toggle between them

March 2020

  • New: The email report now lets you see and resend the email
  • Fix: Print more than one page
  • Fix: Customised text on invoices was not showing
  • Fix: Manage upgrades button was not always visible
  • Fix: Make team member name red when a booking is cancelled
  • Fix: Text overflow on recurring appointment dialog
  • Fix: Remove total column from payroll summary report

New: Add your pet sitter appointments to your email calendar. Apple, Google, Outlook. Supports any calendar capable of reading iCal format. Read more…

New: We’ve added Invoice Number, Deposit Amount and Payment Due Date to your invoices. You can fully edit each invoice. Just tap to edit.

New: Dashboard: Unpaid Invoices count.

New: Dashboard: Failed Emails count.

January 2020

December 2019

  • New: New and improved Schedule page 
  • New: Email report
  • New: Tablet devices got some love. All pages make better use of the larger screen. Pages expand to fill the screen when a tablet is rotated.
  • New: Getting to an invoice no longer requires 2 clicks
  • New: Bigger, bolder popups provide more space and look better on smaller devices
  • Fix: On the booking form page it is no longer necessary to confirm appointment changes by saving the booking form
  • Fix: Time picker on some smaller devices did not work
  • Fix: Remove Notes heading from print booking form page
  • Fix: Exclude ex-customers from Customer report
  • Fix: Add booking form – displaying the invoice sometimes crashed
  • Fix: Print booking form – back button sometimes returned to a blank page

November 2019

  • New: Customer report
  • Fix: Save appointment – the apply change options are easier and more consistent 
  • Fix: Apply changes to future appointments is now easier
  • Fix: Uploading pictures is now quicker and more reliable
  • Fix: Don’t display “Apply Changes?” popup if there is only one appointment

October 2019

  • New: Send invoice and resend welcome now work offline
  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Use Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge
  • Fix: Reports: single row reports did not appear
  • Fix: Booking form: extending end date didn’t automatically select the correct days
  • Fix: Booking form popup: changes did not always save
  • Fix: Print schedule: deleted appointments could sometimes appear
  • Fix: Customer form: after adding a new customer return to the list page (previously, a blank customer form appeared which made it appear the customer has not been saved)

September 2019

  • New: Change email menu item on the Profile page
  • New: Delete account menu item on the Profile page
  • New: Key return menu item on the Customers page
  • New: Payroll (summary) report.
  • New: Payroll (breakdown) report.
  • New: Print button on the reports page. Use this button to print reports and create PDF documents.
  • New: Download CSV button on the reports page. Use this button to download reports in CSV format (ready for import to Excel).
  • Fix: New email server. This change makes sending emails more reliable.

August 2019

  • New: Display appointment number (e.g. Appointment 4 of 6) on appointment popup.

Pet Sitter Dashboard

  • New: Pay Rate input on the Service popup. The flat rate is paid to team members when they complete an appointment. E.g. £10 for delivering leaflets.
  • New: Payment Percentage input on Team Member popup. When a team member is paid you can decide how much they are paid. E.g. A 50% split will earn the team member £6 on a £12 appointment.
  • Fix: Improved error handling to increase the reliability of the app.
  • Fix: Service name missing on booking forms when the service has been deleted.

July 2019

  • New: Change Invoice Footer. You can now change the Regards, xyz message.
  • New: Change team members details (name, address, telephone, picture) on the My Team page. This change lets managers set team members details.
  • New: Resend Welcome Email button on the Team Member popup.
  • New: Add email address to Team Member popup.
  • New: Print Weekly Schedule on the Dashboard. This button displays a printer-friendly snapshot of a team member’s appointments.
  • New: Print booking form.
  • Fix: Invoices did not display line breaks properly.
  • Fix: Auto-allocate appointments in solo businesses.
  • Fix: Onboarding issue prevented the confirm your email address page appearing.

June 2019

  • New: Improved appointment scheduling. Choose whether to apply changes to future appointments in the series. Choose from:
    • Reschedule this appointment
    • Reschedule all Wednesdays appointments in series
    • Reschedule all appointments in series
  • New: Appointment viewer on the booking form page. The new viewer makes it easier and faster to manage appointments.
  • New: Create 6 months appointments (up from 2 months).
  • New: Recurring appointments. E.g. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday
  • New: Add Confirmed flag to the booking form page. Use the Confirmed flag to make provisional bookings.

  • New: Outstanding appointments badge on the Dashboard.
  • Fix: Unconfirmed label did not fit on screen

April 2019

  • New: Custom time slots e.g. 10:00 am – 11:00 am on appointments
  • New: Click to view pictures
  • New: New menu item on booking forms to mark the booking as paid
  • New: Upload picture added to the My Profile, Customer and Pet pages
  • New: Pet names added to the top of the customer page
  • New: Input added to the My Business page to set the invoice body
  • Fix: The number of pets was wrong
  • Fix: Images on Android are the wrong way round
  • Fix: Instant app updates

February 2019

  • New: Expanded customer page. Capture detailed customer information
  • New: Pet page. Capture detailed information about a customer’s pets
  • New: Key management
  • New: Display customer and pet information in the appointment popup
  • Fix: Cancelled bookings were not appearing on the dashboard
  • Fix: Sort the customer list into alphabetical order

January 2019

Change log before February 2019 is not available.

Pet Sitter Dashboard Change Log