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Pet Sitter Dashboard Change Log

May 2020

  • New: Pet names now appear throughout the app
  • New: paid and confirmed icons
  • New: Pet picker added to booking form page
  • New: Pet Sitter Club members can download 18 free contracts, forms, disclaimers, and other documents
  • Fix: The size of pop up boxes after visiting the reports page
  • Fix: The size of the “send email” pop up on the Invoice page
  • Fix: The pop up menus got a spring clean

April 2020

  • New: Display a warning when there are unsaved changes.
  • Fix: The app and website are now quicker to load and they use less data
  • Fix: iPhone photo upload now asks for permission to access the camera
  • Fix: Printing is more reliable
  • Fix: Invoices layout on tablets is fixed
  • New: A help button has been added to the Calendar Link page
  • New: Tapping the booking summary at the top of the Invoice page now displays the booking summary popup (rather than switching to the booking)
  • Fix: The marketing opt-in on the Welcome page is now turned off by default
  • New: A button has been added to the Customers and Pets page to toggle between them

March 2020

  • New: The email report now lets you see and resend the email
  • Fix: Print more than one page
  • Fix: Customised text on invoices was not showing
  • Fix: Manage upgrades button was not always visible
  • Fix: Make team member name red when a booking is cancelled
  • Fix: Text overflow on recurring appointment dialog
  • Fix: Remove total column from payroll summary report

New: Add your pet sitter appointments to your email calendar. Apple, Google, Outlook. Supports any calendar capable of reading iCal format. Read more…

New: We’ve added Invoice Number, Deposit Amount and Payment Due Date to your invoices. You can fully edit each invoice. Just tap to edit.

New: Dashboard: Unpaid Invoices count.

New: Dashboard: Failed Emails count.

January 2020

December 2019

  • New: New and improved Schedule page 
  • New: Email report
  • New: Tablet devices got some love. All pages make better use of the larger screen. Pages expand to fill the screen when a tablet is rotated.
  • New: Getting to an invoice no longer requires 2 clicks
  • New: Bigger, bolder popups provide more space and look better on smaller devices
  • Fix: On the booking form page it is no longer necessary to confirm appointment changes by saving the booking form
  • Fix: Time picker on some smaller devices did not work
  • Fix: Remove Notes heading from print booking form page
  • Fix: Exclude ex-customers from Customer report
  • Fix: Add booking form – displaying the invoice sometimes crashed
  • Fix: Print booking form – back button sometimes returned to a blank page

November 2019

  • New: Customer report
  • Fix: Save appointment – the apply change options are easier and more consistent 
  • Fix: Apply changes to future appointments is now easier
  • Fix: Uploading pictures is now quicker and more reliable
  • Fix: Don’t display “Apply Changes?” popup if there is only one appointment

October 2019

  • New: Send invoice and resend welcome now work offline
  • Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Use Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Edge
  • Fix: Reports: single row reports did not appear
  • Fix: Booking form: extending end date didn’t automatically select the correct days
  • Fix: Booking form popup: changes did not always save
  • Fix: Print schedule: deleted appointments could sometimes appear
  • Fix: Customer form: after adding a new customer return to the list page (previously, a blank customer form appeared which made it appear the customer has not been saved)

September 2019

  • New: Change email menu item on the Profile page
  • New: Delete account menu item on the Profile page
  • New: Key return menu item on the Customers page
  • New: Payroll (summary) report.
  • New: Payroll (breakdown) report.
  • New: Print button on the reports page. Use this button to print reports and create PDF documents.
  • New: Download CSV button on the reports page. Use this button to download reports in CSV format (ready for import to Excel).
  • Fix: New email server. This change makes sending emails more reliable.

August 2019

  • New: Display appointment number (e.g. Appointment 4 of 6) on appointment popup.

Pet Sitter Dashboard

  • New: Pay Rate input on the Service popup. The flat rate is paid to team members when they complete an appointment. E.g. £10 for delivering leaflets.
  • New: Payment Percentage input on Team Member popup. When a team member is paid you can decide how much they are paid. E.g. A 50% split will earn the team member £6 on a £12 appointment.
  • Fix: Improved error handling to increase the reliability of the app.
  • Fix: Service name missing on booking forms when the service has been deleted.

July 2019

  • New: Change Invoice Footer. You can now change the Regards, xyz message.
  • New: Change team members details (name, address, telephone, picture) on the My Team page. This change lets managers set team members details.
  • New: Resend Welcome Email button on the Team Member popup.
  • New: Add email address to Team Member popup.
  • New: Print Weekly Schedule on the Dashboard. This button displays a printer-friendly snapshot of a team member’s appointments.
  • New: Print booking form.
  • Fix: Invoices did not display line breaks properly.
  • Fix: Auto-allocate appointments in solo businesses.
  • Fix: Onboarding issue prevented the confirm your email address page appearing.

June 2019

  • New: Improved appointment scheduling. Choose whether to apply changes to future appointments in the series. Choose from:
    • Reschedule this appointment
    • Reschedule all Wednesdays appointments in series
    • Reschedule all appointments in series
  • New: Appointment viewer on the booking form page. The new viewer makes it easier and faster to manage appointments.
  • New: Create 6 months appointments (up from 2 months).
  • New: Recurring appointments. E.g. Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesday
  • New: Add Confirmed flag to the booking form page. Use the Confirmed flag to make provisional bookings.

  • New: Outstanding appointments badge on the Dashboard.
  • Fix: Unconfirmed label did not fit on screen

April 2019

  • New: Custom time slots e.g. 10:00 am – 11:00 am on appointments
  • New: Click to view pictures
  • New: New menu item on booking forms to mark the booking as paid
  • New: Upload picture added to the My Profile, Customer and Pet pages
  • New: Pet names added to the top of the customer page
  • New: Input added to the My Business page to set the invoice body
  • Fix: The number of pets was wrong
  • Fix: Images on Android are the wrong way round
  • Fix: Instant app updates

February 2019

  • New: Expanded customer page. Capture detailed customer information
  • New: Pet page. Capture detailed information about a customer’s pets
  • New: Key management
  • New: Display customer and pet information in the appointment popup
  • Fix: Cancelled bookings were not appearing on the dashboard
  • Fix: Sort the customer list into alphabetical order

January 2019

Change log before February 2019 is not available.

Pet Sitter Dashboard Change Log