It’s time to review your podcasts

9 November 2019
Darryl Brown
pet sitting software

Reviewing what you listen to is an exercise worth doing at any time but is probably even more valuable at the moment.

So while you are quiet, take the time to audit what you listen to. Ask yourself: What information am I taking in? 


Right now there is a lot of information in the world but the majority is negative, unhelpful or downright dangerous. There’s a lot of misinformation and scaremongering. So you’ve got to be very careful about what you consume.

When was the last time you looked at your list of podcasts, news feeds, social media etc. and considered whether it added value to your business?


Another tip is to think about how often you listen to the news.

Right now, the BBC newsfeed is a stream of doom and gloom. Yes, it’s fact and yes a lot is happening right now but do you need to know about it in realtime?

Could you get the same news by listening to the evening news for 10 minutes? The important things are reported in the first 10 minutes anyway.

Social Media

Social media is buzzing with strong opinions getting passed off as facts. Most of it negative. Of course, there is some positivity but it’s out of balance.

It’s something I have stepped up over the next few weeks. Seeking out different views and opinions because I might learn something new. I can’t know everything and I want to avoid the echo chamber.

So ask yourself: Does this podcast, newsfeed, website still add value? Things change. Unsubscribe from those which no longer spark joy.

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