My first pet sitting

8 December 2020
Allan Grisdale

Do you remember the first time you looked after someone’s else’s pet? Popping your cherry is very exciting! You are on your way and all your hard work is starting to pay off.

For most of us, our first contact with a paying customer is the consultation. The purpose of which is to meet the customer and their pets.

During the consultation don’t forget to ask about feeding habits, litter trays and medication. Now is also a good time to offer extra services to make your business stand out: watering plants, putting bins out etc.

Don’t know what to ask? We can help. We sell 12 cat sitting documents for ¬£9.99. We use them in our own 5 figure business so you can be confident they are professional and thorough. Plus, they are solicitor approved.

Don’t forget the keys!

My first time looking after someone’s cats was a baptism of fire. The customer had double-locked their front door but I only had one key and I couldn’t get in.

After an initial panic, I calmed myself down and called the customer. They were at the airport but had cleared security.

A quick call to their parents and the crisis was averted. The door was unlocked and I could start my first cat sitting.

Cat sitting was all downhill from there ūüėÉ.

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