UK Government Help for Dog Walkers and Pet Sitters

1 April 2020
Caroline Foreman
coronavirus pet sitting dog walking

Self-Employed Income Support Scheme

If you are self-employed (i.e. you declare your earnings in a Self Assessment filing) the Government will pay 80% of profits up to £2,500/mth. This is a grant. You won’t have to pay it back. To qualify your average trading profits must be under £50,000 per year.

Employee or zero hrs contract/agency worker

If you have employees the government will pay them 80% of salary up to £2,500/mth. If you can afford it you can top it up to 100% but don’t need to.

Universal credit

Available to anyone who can’t pay the bills. Apply online and wait for someone to call you back.

Limited company director

If you pay are a company director who receives dividends then you are out of luck. There is no help from the government for you. However, you can furlough yourself and claim 80% of any PAYE or you can claim universal credit.

Recently started a business?

If you left a job after 28 Feb your old employer can rehire you to furlough you. This applies to anyone who handed in their notice or was made redundant.

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