Why dog walking?

20 October 2020
Darryl Brown
Pet Sitting Software

Have you ever stopped to think about why you are in business? It may sound like an obvious question but sometimes we are so busy doing business we forget why we are doing business.

Why dog walking?

Did you start a dog walking because you want to create a dog walking empire with a big paycheque?

Did you start a cat sitting service because you wanted to be your own boss?

Did you start your business because you love pets?

Maybe you fell into dog walking as a way to earn some extra cash on the side.

For most people, there isn’t just one reason and anyway, everyone’s motivation is different.

Are you still going in the right direction?

The thing is, if you’re not focused on your goals how will you ever achieve them. It’s like trying to drive a car without knowing the final destination. Sure you can drive, but you won’t end up in the right place. of course, some people will get there but the majority won’t. Why leave it to chance?

We all have some downtime at the moment so lets take a moment to think about why we set up our business in the first place. Write it down. Then go through every aspect of your business and ask yourself does it move me closer to my goal or further away.

We all feel pressure to chase new customers but maybe a better strategy for you is to focus on keeping your existing customers happy. Provide them with the best service possible and they will be more loyal and use your services more often.

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