Password Managers

3 July 2020
Darryl Brown
Dog Walking Pet Sitting Password

It might sound counter-intuitive but remembering one password is more secure than trying to remember a different password for every site you visit. You do it with a password manager.

Password Managers fall into two categories. Built-in or Extension.

Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox include built-in password managers.

Lastpass, 1Password and Roboform are examples of popular 3rd party extensions.

What is a password manager?

A password manager lets you create and store and passwords in a vault. The vault is encrypted and only you can unlock it. The software manufacturer can’t unlock it and can’t see your passwords.

How safe is a password manager?

Password managers are very safe. Safer than trying to remember lots of passwords across lots of sites.

Because you only have to remember one password you can let the password manager generate secure passwords for the sites you visit. Like this:  F5ObQNqO47jQ&iVcH&0D$*5iWw. Try remembering that mouthful!

Password managers also require a 2nd way to identify you e.g. a mobile phone, email address or security token (Yubi Key). Once enabled, no one can unlock your vault, even if they guess your master password.



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