4 reasons why you shouldn’t leave hand sanitiser in a car

25 May 2020
Darryl Brown
hand sanitiser

Dog walking to cat sitting. Grooming to kennels. It’s difficult to think of an occasion where hand sanitiser isn’t necessary.

Hand sanitiser is a pet sitters best defence against the spread of coronavirus. As a result, an increasing number of us are keeping a bottle in our cars – sounds like common sense, right?

Why you shouldn’t leave hand sanitiser in your car

  1. Alcohol evaporates in heat
  2. Alcohol is highly flammable
  3. Alcohol can damage your car upholstery
  4. Warm hand sanitiser can irritate your skin

Alcohol is the active ingredient that kills coronavirus. Without it, hand sanitiser doesn’t work.

FGCU Associate Professor Dr. Greg Boyce, who works in the Department of Chemistry and Physics, said:

“It’s definitely an issue if you leave your hand sanitiser in the car for days at a time or weeks”

“If you are running errands and want to keep it in the car, that’s fine. But you shouldn’t be leaving it in the car indefinitely,”

Love to Know explains:

“Alcohol-based hand sanitisers are classified as Class I Flammable Liquid substances, which means they have a flash point of less than 100 degrees Fahrenheit”

“Alcohol-based hand sanitizers should be stored away from all heat and ignition sources, including (but not limited to) sparks; open flames; any types of electrical outlets, switches or equipment; and extreme heat.”

Motoring Research has this advice:

“Disposable gloves may remove the need for hand sanistiser and protect your car into the bargain. Just remember to throw them away immediately after use.

“At all times, prioritise your safety – and that of others – over the condition of your car.”

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