Coronavirus Reopening Checklist for Pet Sitters

1 June 2020
Darryl Brown
coronavirus pet sitting dog walking

Are you ready to reopen? Follow this Coronavirus Reopening Checklist to reassure your customers your pet business is ready to reopen.

  • Don’t be tempted to lower your prices. You don’t want to get into a race to the bottom. Your prices should reflect the level of care and professionalism you provide.
    Your marketing message should reassure customers they are getting value for money. If customers are asking for discounts you haven’t done a good job of explaining your value. Remember value and price are not the same thing.
  • Review the services you offer. Which are still feasible? Doggy let-out is probably OK but Doggy Daycare is probably not.
  • Which services need a tweak? Minimise visiting times. Offer an in/out service rather than a specific duration.
  • Consider reducing the number of customers/pets you see per day. This makes social distancing easier. Let your customers know why you are doing this. This sets your business apart and will defend you from requests to lower your prices. You need to be prepared to explain why you are worth the money.
  • Decide what Personal Protection Equipment you need and source it. Do this early because it might take time.
  • Put together a Coronavirus policy. You can get help with this here.
  • Publish your Coronavirus policy on your website, social media etc.
  • Print your Coronavirus policy on leaflets. Hand them out to customers. Post them to your customers. Place them around town (noticeboards etc).
  • Review your cancellation policy. Customers will be more confident to make a booking if they know they can cancel without penalty.
  • Talk to your staff. Address their concerns.
  • Consider checking the temperature of your team members daily. Tell your customers you are doing this. You want them to be confident you are taking their safety seriously.
  • Email your existing customers.
    Tell them you’re open
    Tell them about your Coronavirus policy
    Tell them about your updated services
    Tell them about your cancellation policy
  • Encourage your customers to ask questions and be prepared to put in place special measures for anyone who requests extra levels of protection (e.g. disposable aprons, face masks etc)
  • Ask customers to leave internal doors open as much as possible. Leave food out so don’t have to open cupboards. Only touch things absolutely necessary.
  • Advertise you are open.
  • Ask local groups to advertise your business on their website.
  • Do consultations via video call. Use a phone not a computer because you might need the customer to show you around. Take lots of notes.
  • Do consultations outside in the customers garden. Maintain social distancing.
  • Make alternative play arrangements. You can’t share equipment and toys. Use the pets own toys or invest in a laser pen.
  • Phones are grotty. Don’t handle your phone if you are wearing gloves. Let customers know you will only take pictures if it is safe to do so.
  • Call your customer the day before you are due to visit. Ask whether anyone in the household has coronavirus symptoms.
  • Be confident because customers will pick up on it.

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