Dog walkers warned to check private landowners have insurance

8 June 2020
Darryl Brown
dog walking private land

Renting your land to a dog walker is a great way to earn some extra income but it’s not without risk. If a dog, or their owner, suffers an injury on your land you could be hit with thousands of pounds of costs.

Even minor injuries can result in several thousand pounds of compensation, while more severe head, leg or back injuries can lead to compensation settlements well in excess of £100,000.

To prevent this happening make sure you have public liability insurance. It’s not expensive.

Mark Briggs, of animal-related business insurance specialist Cliverton, explains:

“Dedicated spaces that allow for social distancing, while giving dogs the freedom to roam off lead without fear of them escaping, being harmed or causing harm to others, should be welcomed. Landowners, however, who invite members of the public, and their pets, onto their property have a legal responsibility to protect them from injury.

“The risks facing dog owners can include anything from potholes on poorly-maintained paths and driveways to rabbit holes, ponds or potentially dangerous pieces of gardening, farming or building equipment left in fields.

“Such hazards can result in serious injuries by causing either dogs or their owners to slip, trip or snare their ankles. And this leaves the landowners exposed to claims of negligence.

Dog walkers should be familiar with public liability insurance but owning it isn’t enough. You must check whether landowners have the necessary cover too.

You can read more about this over at Pet Business World.

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