How to send a group email

22 May 2020
Darryl Brown
Pet Sitting Software

Here’s the scenario: You will be closed for a few weeks and you want to inform all your customers. You head over to your email and being composing.

Seems pretty simple, right? But there is a right way and a wrong way to send a group email. If you get it wrong you risk having your email account suspended and, in extreme cases, a fine and/or bad publicity.

The Wrong Way

Don’t do this. I repeat… don’t do this…. Go to your inbox, compose an email, put email addresses into the TO: field and hit send.

Why? Because every recipient will see everyone else’s email address. This is an enormous breach of privacy and breaks GDPR/data protection laws.

The Right Way

The correct way to send a group email is to use the BCC: field. BCC stands for Blind Carbon Copy. The important word is “blind”. It means that anyone receiving the email won’t be able to see who else received the email.

Be Careful

The BCC method is not fool-proof. It’s far too easy to put email addresses into the wrong field. Make sure you always ask someone to check your work before you hit send.

Also, group email can trip your email provider’s spam filters. If this happens your account will get suspended.

To avoid this happening don’t send an email to more than 500 people and don’t send more than one group email a month.


If you need to send more emails to more people you should investigate services like Mailchimp, Drip, ConvertKit or Mailgun, SendGrid, Sendinblue.

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