Video Presentations The Easy Way

29 January 2021
Darryl Brown

A great way to make your pet sitting business stand out is to create some video content.

The easiest way to record a video is to take out your mobile phone and hit record. But not everyone feels confident enough to video themselves.

An alternative is to do a voice-over. All you need are a few slides.

The sort of things you can produce with this technique are:

  • A video showing your customers how a virtual meet-and-greet works.
  • A video showing your customers how to make a booking on your website.
  • A video showing your customers some basic pet first aid.

The idea here is to make yourself stand out from your competition and show you are the local expert.

How many of your competitors offer video tutorials?

To get started you need to build a few slides. You can use any software to produce the slide. Microsoft PowerPoint is the obvious choice but Google Slides works just as well.

Once you have created your presentation you need to record it.

PowerPoint has built-in controls for Screen Recording. You will find it under the Insert tab. Select the area (or window) you want to record and press the record button.

PowerPoint records the screen and the microphone so you can talk over the presentation and make a really nice, professional-looking video.

If you mess up just start again. It will take a few goes to get it right but once you get the perfect take you are done. No editing required.

If you aren’t familiar with PowerPoint you can use Zoom to capture your screen. Start a Zoom meeting but don’t invite any to it. Share your screen, hit record and away you go.

So there you go. You have no excuse not to dabble video content.

You can see the result at the top of the page. I was able to create this video in less than an hour.

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