What To Do When A Cat Is Constantly Vomiting

13 June 2020
Allan Grisdale
cat vomit
Photo by Matthias Oben from Pexels

What should you do if a cat starts to constantly vomit?

There could be several causes:

  • The cat could have eaten something poisonous
  • There could be something wrong with the digestive system
  • There could be an obstruction

Cats are very good at hiding illness, so by the time they start visibly showing symptoms, the condition may already be in advanced stages.

The first thing to do is to take the cat to the vet and take some blood samples, this is to see if the cat has eaten anything poisonous or if there is a medical problem.

Feed the cat wet food only until you get answers from the vet. Wet food keeps the cat hydrated which is important for keeping the kidneys going.

The vet will also be able to advise you on permanent dietary changes which can be made to ease the symptoms. It may be as simple as soaking dry pellets in warm water before feeding them.

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