Professional Website Audit

Free for Pet Sitter Club members

Pet Sitter Dashboard is the perfect software to manage your business.  A feature rich set of tools lets you easily accomplish tasks like appointment scheduling, managing customers, pets and team members to controlling your accounts.
 Your website plays an essential role in attracting new customers and encouraging repeat business, so a well designed, maintained site with great performance is imperative for your success.

Boost your online visibility with a professional website audit 
The comprehensive report details your website’s performance in each key area.  Any errors or problems found are highlighted along with possible fixes.  In addition to showing analytics and metrics there are some useful tips to further improve performance and SEO..
SEO Optimisation
  • Maximise search engine rankings and SERPS  optimising values for keywords, keyphrases, tags, page titles, headings and meta description
  • URL structure
  • On-page SEO checking of content matching
  • Sitemaps  included
  • Test internal linking and any url blockings
  • Measure page impressions against page clicks
  • Landing page design


  • Use secure encrypted connections (HTTPS) – not only more secure but rated higher in rankings
  • Test for valid SSL certificate
  • Keep software, security patches, 3rd party applications, libraries and plugins to latest versions
  • Make sure SSL is in place
  •  Check Domain and IP are clean and not blacklisted
  • Scan for malware, blacklisting status and site vulnerabilities


  • Reduce page size
  •  Reduce number of page requests by combining files
  • Test pages indexing and Coverage
  • Reduce Page Redirects, HTTP/HTTPS directs i-perhaps use 301
  • Implementation of Browser caching
  • Image resizing, defer initial loading of images, use sprites and include an image map
  • Text compression
  • Minification of javascript libraries and css
  • Check slow loading pages for render-blocking from  scripts and CSS files
  • Reduce server response times – check themes and plugins

Design and Content

  • Poor UX design leads to high bounce rates – review website content depth for navigation meaning fewer clicks required and better for SEO
  • Test for code errors and warnings
  • Domain authority 
  • Remove content duplication
  • Test outside links are current and relevant
  •  Report out of date information and lack of regular site updates
  • Language and Currency usage
  • Google local pack and image pack search results are based on location, text content relevance to search criteria and reviews
  • Check Mobile usability


  • Structure HTML for screen readers – good use of headings
  •  Element and controls ordered to set focus for keyboard tab navigation
  • Images have alt text set and all controls have labels
  • Interactive elements like links and buttons are distinguishable
  • Refrain from disabling functionality that would benefit visually impaired like zooming
  • Check colour contrast ratio

Site Analytics

  • Key Metrics for health and performance
  • Page statistics for speed, request and size
  • Web Traffic History
  • Page Rank and Domain Authority Statistics
  • Current Search Engine Rankings
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Best Practises Report