Designed to take the hassle out of running your business


Securely store customer data and access it anywhere on your phone.
Store name, address, contact details, access, emergency contacts and optional extras like post, bins, curtains, lights etc.
Upload an image.


Securely store everything you need to care for your animals. Store name, breed, age, food, routine, health and vet details.
Upload pet pictures.


Multiple currencies:
$ dollar, £ pound, € euro.

Multiple date formats:
dd/mm/yy, mm/dd/yy

Key Management

Securely store key information away from your physical keys.
See which keys you need at a glance.

Automatic Invoices

Automatically generate invoices.
Click to email them to your clients.
Brand your invoices with your logo.
Fully customise the text.


Keep on top of your finances.
Track how much you have earned.
Track expenses.
Track your profit and loss.

Calendar Integration

You can connect your pet sitting calendar to your personal email calendar to see your pet sitting appointments alongside your social events.

Workflow automation

Save time and hassle. A button at the bottom of your invoices allows your customers to confirm their bookings without you having to chase.

Team Management

Protect your business by giving your team members only the information they need to do their job. Sensitive data like prices, financials and customer lists are hidden.

Works offline​

Pet Sitter Dashboard keeps on working even when you don't have a mobile signal. Whats more, anything you change automatically syncs when you are online.


Our flexible booking system makes it easy to schedule multiple visits and recurring appointments.


Our flexible scheduling system lets your plan your day and allocate work to your team.


Bring your existing data. We can import from many sources. Get in touch for details.

Detailed email reports

Get access to detailed email logs. Check why an email was not delivered, how many times it was opened and how many times it was clicked.


Run the app in Safari or download from the App Store


Run the app in Chrome or download from Google Play


Works in Safari and all major browsers


Chrome, Firefox and Edge are supported (but not Internet Explorer).