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pet sitting presentations

Video Presentations The Easy Way

A great way to make your pet sitting business stand out is to create some video content.

If you are not comfortable with videoing yourself an alternative is the voice-over. All you need are a few slides.

Google Meet

Google’s answer to Zoom

More and more Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers are doing virtual meet-and-greets over Zoom, Facetime or Whatsapp. But if you use Gmail then Google Meet

cat teeth

How to give a cat medicine

Getting cats to take their medication is hard. You can mix it with food, squirt it in their mouth or give them a chewy treat.

cat teeth

Pet first aid: bite wounds

Bite wounds often get infected because mouths are full of bacteria. They tend to be more serious than they look because damage can be hidden

cat bandage

Pet first aid: broken bones

Broken bones are extremely painful and require immediate veterinary attention. If your pet has broken a bone, be very careful when moving them. They are

german sherpherd

Pet first aid: choking

Choking is a serious life-threatening problem that needs immediate action. A choking pet will have difficulty breathing, will make choking sounds, might paw at their

Happy customers pet sitting

Customer Satisfaction

The difference between successful pet sitters and underperforming ones often lies in the way they treat their customers. Customer satisfaction should be the major driving

dog lying down

Pet first aid: fits and seizures

Seizures can be distressing to witness, but remember your pet probably isn’t aware of what is happening. Stay calm, keep your pet safe then call

Pet Sitting Software

How to send a group email

Here’s the scenario: You will be closed for a few weeks and you want to inform all your customers. You head over to your email

cat eating

Can cats eat raw meat?

Cats are carnivores so you can feed them raw meat but only with care. Human processed meats can introduce bacteria and other contaminants that might

coronavirus pet sitting dog walking

How to make your pet business safe

As lockdown restrictions start to lift, the CFSG has issued updated protocols for keeping you and your staff safe. “There remains no evidence that pets

pet food poison

Common foods toxic to pets

Did you know that Onions are toxic to cats and dogs? They contain compounds called disulphides and thiosulphates which, if ingested, can damage the animal’s

cat sitter checklist

Pet sitter checklist

Checklists are a great way to make sure we don’t forget anything important. They might feel like something only a newbie needs but IMHO it’s

first pet sit

My first pet sitting

Do you remember the first time you looked after someone’s else’s pet? Popping your cherry is very exciting! You are on your way and all