How to make your pet business safe

16 January 2021
Darryl Brown
coronavirus pet sitting dog walking

As lockdown restrictions start to lift, the CFSG has issued updated protocols for keeping you and your staff safe.

“There remains no evidence that pets are implicated in the transmission of Coronavirus to people and infection of the pet is unlikely, but that there is some risk of the virus being carried by pets and their belongings. However, the risk of transmission between infected clients and business staff remains.”

There is some good news and some bad news. It is now OK to walk dogs, groom pets and look after pets in your own home. However, pet sitting in your clients home and dog training is still not allowed.

If you decide to restart your business then CFSG has published detailed guidance for staying safe. Here is a summary but I would urge you to read the full report.

  • Only deal with one customer at a time. Agree collection times or book appointments.
  • Avoid contact with customers. Social distancing rules must be observed throughout.
  • Handover pets outside. If possible, attach the pet to a post or put them in a carry case.
  • Use your own leads, bowls etc. Use different equipment for each pet. Clean all equipment between use.
  • Wipe pets with a disposable damp cloth and dispose of immediately in a bin. Do not use antibac products unless explicitly designed for pets.
  • Keep dogs on the lead. Avoid other dogs and discourage anyone from touching the dog. Do not mix dogs from different households.
  • Walk dogs locally.
  • Wash your hands between visits.

Source: Pet Industry Federation

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