5 things to know before starting a dog walking business

23 March 2020
dog walking

Starting a dog walking business is not difficult. Here are 5 things to know before starting a dog walking business.

  1. Local Authorities (see below)
  2. UK Legislation
  3. DBS Check
  4. Qualifications
  5. Insurance

Local Authorities

It is important to contact your local authority if you intend to operate a dog walking business, as each council can have different by-laws. Obtain details of:

  • current restrictions of where you can walk dogs (maps are helpful)
  • whether any time limits apply (eg. between months of May to September).
  • restrictions on the number of dogs one person can walk at a time (this can be set by a local council).

With this information, you can map out several different, safe and legal dog walking routes in advance.

This is not legal advice but a guide to starting your pet sitting business within UK law. It does not apply to commercial cattery or kennels, where stricter regulations applicable and a licence is required. If outside the UK, legislation may vary (including Scotland and Northern Ireland.) so always check your local regulations. A license is required for home boarding of pets and additional insurance applies.

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