Dog Walking Qualifications

23 January 2020
dog walker qualification

You do not need any dog walking qualification to become a pet sitter in the UK but being able to demonstrate your skills, experience and knowledge to potential clients promotes trust and professionalism in your business. More importantly, you become the pet sitter they want to employ. Showing that you care about their beloved pet and can confidently manage any difficult situation that may happen whilst in your care.

There are many search results online offering tutorials and courses for pet sitters and dog walkers. Before subscribing to certified courses checker whether the content you are paying for is freely available elsewhere.

Understanding the legislation covering your pet sitting business is paramount but, taking the time to study areas of pet care is also important:

  • Experience in handling animals; prepare answers, ready for any questions clients ask, describing all experience you have
  • Pet care; Blue Cross Pet Advice
  • Animal first aid and CPR; PDSA offers a Pet First Aid course
  • Pet nutrition; the PDSA (charity) has good information on any area of pet care
  • Animal behaviour; The RSPCA offers good advice

The RSPCA has teamed up with the Dog’s Trust and Pet Industry Federation to create The Dog Walking Guide as concern grows over a growing but unregulated sector. It is worth studying!

The City & Guilds have internationally recognised qualifications in Animal Care, offering courses in Pet Sitters, Dog Walking, Animal Nutrition and Competency in Animal Health.

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This article is part of a series: 5 things to know before starting a dog walking business.

  1. Local Authorities
  2. UK Legislation
  3. DBS Check
  4. Qualifications
  5. Insurance

This is not legal advice but a guide to starting your pet sitting business within UK law. It does not apply to commercial cattery or kennels, where stricter regulations applicable and a licence is required. If outside the UK, legislation may vary (including Scotland and Northern Ireland.) so always check your local regulations. A license is required for home boarding of pets and additional insurance applies.

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