Pet Sitter Insurance

23 October 2020
Caroline Foreman
pet sitter insurance

Currently, in the UK, there is no legislation that requires any insurance cover for Pet Sitters compulsory. However, we strongly advise that you take out adequate insurance. This is to cover you against any unforeseen circumstances and to protect your customers in the event something happens while a pet is in your care.

Additionally, insurance is required for transportation of pets in your care (check both your vehicle insurance and public liability policies).

Public Liability insurance is the minimum cover you need. Cover and costs will depend on whether your bookings include staying over in client’s homes, short visits to their home, dog walking in public places, or home boarding.

Typically, insurance will also cover

  • Injury or loss of a pet whilst in your care
  • Accidental damage to a customers property e.g. stains on the carpet
  • Lost keys (including locksmith fees)
  • Accidental damage to equipment
  • Events, shows and fundraising

There are many specialist pet business insurance providers and most of the large comparison sites offer a good choice – remember to look for flexible cover as your business grows. Additionally, you must also check your vehicle insurance if you transport any client’s pet, whether for home boarding or dog walking.

If you employee anyone that takes the responsibility of your client’s pets as part of a booking you have made, then you should also have Employer’s Liability Insurance to cover compensation against any injuries they receive or damage they cause.

Here at Pet Sitter Dashboard we use and recommend Cliverton.

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This article is part of a series: 5 things to know before starting a dog walking business.

  1. Local Authorities
  2. UK Legislation
  3. DBS Check
  4. Qualifications
  5. Insurance

This is not legal advice but a guide to starting your pet sitting business within UK law. It does not apply to commercial cattery or kennels, where stricter regulations applicable and a licence is required. If outside the UK, legislation may vary (including Scotland and Northern Ireland.) so always check your local regulations. A license is required for home boarding of pets and additional insurance applies.

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